A super app like Gojek lays a considerable ground for entrepreneurs to launch their service. Besides, it makes it easier for customers to satisfy all their requirements most effectively. It enables them to hire taxis, order hot and ready-to-eat meals, hire service providers, and more, right from one place. 

During the pandemic spread, the delivery market experienced 500% growth experienced 500% growth which helped top grocery and food delivery platforms like Instacart, Foodpanda, and more to have great sales and revenue. Moreover, the pandemic has also changed customer preference to a great extent. 

They are more likely to order and get everything delivered at their doorsteps; hence, brands must focus on launching their venture online. Trying hands in one venture is not enough in today's competitive space; instead, you can start a multi-service business like Gojek or Grab. 

Insight into Growing On-demand Market

Allied Market Research shows that the same-day delivery market reached around five billion in 2019 and is estimated to grow by 21% CAGR and reach around 20 billion by 2027. Customers' demand for on-demand services is increasing as it provides them with the comfort and convenience they are looking for. 

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Food delivery services platforms like UberEats, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Postmates have experienced a tremendous increase in orders during COVID, according to Second Measure. The quarterly sales of DoorDash increased during the first quarter of 2022. It raised around 89%, while UberEats has a 72% average sales per customer. 

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Grab and Gojek, which started as taxi-hailing services, have grown into super apps these days. Gojek ranks at the top in Singapore with 17% of the market share as per the Q1 2022 report while covering 25% of the market in Indonesia. The company has satisfied the needs of millions of customers for on-demand services till today. 

Why Developing a Super App is a Profitable Option?

Super app enables businesses to build a tech ecosystem that facilitates their targeted users to save lots of effort and time. Now they don't need to download multiple apps to get their task done, they can get all their service requirements satisfied with ease, and all thanks go to the technological revolution and super apps. Such apps provide customers with quick access to almost everything, be it taxi service, online payments, food ordering, delivery, or other services; they have everything at their fingertips. 

If you're looking to start an online business, deploying and launching a nifty app like Gojek is a profitable option. It provides you with lots of advantages like:

  • Save your and your customer time and efforts;
  • Satisfy the growing market demand of customers, for instance services;
  • Organize and generate greater revenue;
  • Manage business activities effectively;
  • Ensure users' data protection.

There are lots more perks that you can leverage when you choose to develop a super app for your business. It helps you streamline your business operations and manage things effortlessly right from one spot. 

Now no need to worry about being at a traditional brick-and-mortar office to manage your business activities as you can easily handle them from your smart device. Developing an app like Gojek makes everything easier and faster for you, so why not invest in a feature-rich mobility solution.

Top Companies to Partner with for Developing Super App for Your Venture

More than twenty million customers spend around 57 billion on on-demand services, according to Harvard Business Review. There are more than 300 companies globally that offer on-demand services in more than 20 companies, while this number is expected to grow higher in upcoming years as more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to take their business online. 

The on-demand service market is growing steadily, so why not become part of the profitable business market? Just take support from a top app development company to get your mobile app developed at an affordable price. To help you make a perfect selection, we have researched and come up with a list of top multi-service app development companies with whom you can partner to boost your venture online. 

Elluminati Inc

Years of experience of Elluminati Inc make the super app development company stand on the top of the list. The coder and designer at the company believe in providing immaculate solutions to clients, helping them operate their business seamlessly. A fully functional mobility solution is developed using modern tech and caters to your business and customers' demands. 


Want to launch your multi-service business online within your budget? Macandro can help you with it. Just specify your project development requirement to the company and let them do the rest. Dedicated developers will follow a compelling development cycle to provide you with a bug-free app that helps you build a unique presence for your business. 


Get your multi-service app developed from Purbis and start offering your service online. Mobility solutions developed by highly skilled developers will help you to automate various business activities and manage them right from one place. It helps you to check details about orders, earnings, and more with ease. 

Acanyon Digital

Streamline your multi-service business operations with an advanced app developed by Acanyon Digital, a mobile app development company that has served its service to hundreds of clients globally. You can get in touch with the company to check what they have in their sack for you. 


An all-in-one app development company, Tranxit is the best option to choose, especially when you are looking for a quality and bug-free platform for your venture. The impressive functionalities and features of the app helps you manage your business process systematically. 

Launching your multi-service app is undoubtedly a profit-making decision. But there are numerous factors that you need to consider to get your branded app developed within your budget; these include tech stack selection, platform choice, features included, and more. 

Ending Note

Not having an advanced app for your brand in today's tech-savvy world is really unworthy, especially when your competitors have. If you have a low app development budget, then you can go with initial project deployment and launch, but avoiding it can make you lose lots of opportunities that are knocking on your doors. Thus, get ready, take the support of the most promising company and launch your venture online today.